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Hey, I'm Christi!  Glad you're here!

Like you, I wear many hats - I'm a wife, mother, daughter, entrepreneur, self help junkie and on a journey to help more people step into careers, jobs and lives they love.  

I've worked in in the HR, tech and consulting for years and leverage those key lessons to serve brave, intentional and driven professionals to make big changes.

It's time to get into the arena and start living the life you're made for!



I’ve known Christi personally and professionally for years and have enjoyed our time together. Her insight into various topics and issues help to show other perspectives that one may have difficulty seeing through our own limited view. The humor injected into the conversations helps keep our discussions personable and light hearted, but with reality still in the forefront and a genuine passion for helping others.



Working with Christi as a tech consultant is an absolute joy.  Christi helped me to choose the right client-scheduling tool and customer relationship management (CRM) system to support my new coaching practice. She made the decision-making process easy, painless, logical, and straightforward.  In the process, she coached me through my technology apprehension with patience, sensitivity, and her own special brand of humor. I highly recommend Christi as a business and technology consultant for any entrepreneur or small business that wants to adopt the right systems and tools to launch and grow their business based on current resourcing, but with a definite eye toward the future.



Christi has helped me so much with getting my life back on track after feeling so lost!  I was surprised at how easy she was to talk to and how she always seemed to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.  She has a great sense of humor and is very relatable and genuine.  Her coaching has made me see my “issues” in a wholly different perspective – one that is positive, promising, and productive.  Christi’s coaching has been a life-changing event for me and I cannot thank her enough! 

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You know you want something to change, but not sure where to start?  Perhaps you want an introduction on LinkedIn.  Maybe you want to try group or private coaching.  Possibly a quick test or assessment will help you find a starting point.  Or all you really need is just a plan to figure out your next steps.  You always have options and we even create something specific to your needs!  Just make a commitment to something and let's get started!

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Do you know you were made for something more, more than the daily grind, more than helping a company get ahead, more than your role as a parent, spouse, manager, etc.?  Dream big and let's get going on how you want to impact the world and show up differently!

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