Need some help in real time? 

Before getting too much into coaching or down a path of uncertainty, see what Christi has for you right now.  Got a tough boss?  Want to know how to craft great boundaries?  Curious about how to tame your stinking thinking?!?!  The downloadables are all here!

Saying YES when your inside voice is yelling NO?!?

If you need some tricks to stop the pleasing and start figuring out what you really want to do, read on!

manage up

Tough boss?

Got a leader that is uber frustrating, wants to micromanage, doesn't communicate (hoards information) or just doesn't seem to care?  Check this out for ways to optimize working together.

Have (or need) some goals?

This is a super quick way to capture some goals in a way that will make it much easier to achieve.  It's the method I use to get going if I'm getting overwhelmed big my BHAG's (big, hairy audacious goals).

Why do we need to control our thoughts?

If you've heard the idea that your thoughts control your feelings, this explains how and why you might want to learn how to do that.

Want to learn how to wrangle those 'thoughts gone wild'?

If you're familiar with the concept of thoughts controlling your feelings and subsequent realities, get the steps to tame those thoughts so you're in control, not what you're thinking!

WFH and need a great space?

Have you been working from home and determined it's not working for you?  This will give you some tips on optimizing your space, time and energy!

Know the secret trick to making good things happen for you?

Coaching (and it's magic) includes these things to be most effective, aka, CARMA.  You can do this on your own, with a friend or a coach.  And moving forward must include these things! 

Now you know about CARMA...

Take the quick questionaire to see how clear you are on those next right steps and where you need some help!

Love a good planner for what's next?

This is a super quick two pager that lets you see your life holistically so you can be strategic about how to make things happen!