Coaching is the easy part...

Running your business isn't!

So you've decided to become a coach!!!

Did you finally make the decision to plug the plug on your career to get your new one started as a coach?  And now that training is all done, how’s your business doing?  Have you purchased a business coach training program (or multiple programs!) and you still don’t have clients?  Did it seem easier to make progress on your goals when you were in corporate with a boss breathing down your neck?  


It’s not your fault!

No one ever showed you how to work for yourself, there is no manual and it’s so different from anything you’ve ever done!  But the daily slog of getting clients is work!  And it’s so confusing and frustrating because you know what to do!  So why hasn’t happened yet?!?! 


Help is on the way!

Because you have the prescription already, you simply need help ensuring your next right step is completed every week.  The ‘Kick in’ coaching is ideal for this because it’s a quick jolt to your To Do list as well as your mindset.  This kind of accountability and mind work makes sure you’re clear on what’s going to make the most impact to your pipeline and clients.  Please message me to find out how this super small investment will make a significant impact in your business!


You don't need another program - just someone to keep you accountable and help manage your mind!

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

Stephen Covey

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