Getting the title is the easy part...

Running a successful team, having a balanced life and staying connected to your family every day isn't quite as simple!


So you're an awesome leader!!!

You finally got that promotion and are leading people - good for you!  Or you've led before and your new job has expanded your responsibilities a bit.  And now that you're here, how’s your team doing?  Do you feel like you're doing your best and things are flowing as seamlessly?  Are you reading some books, exercising, talking with mentors and yet something still seems to be missing with the daily team interactions ?  


Ooof, this is not what you expected...

So few people get promoted into leadership with the training they want (and need), there is no manual and it’s so different from anything you’ve ever done!  But the daily slog of doing your job and leading a dynamic group of people is work!  Add to your own self care, family and hobbies and wham, things start to fall.  And it’s so confusing and frustrating because you know what to do (or have a good idea at least)!  So why doesn't this feel easy?!?! 


You've got help coming!

Because you have a heart to learn and grow and have self awareness, you're well on your way already!  Now you simply need putting the pieces together.  Dipping your toes into leadership coaching is just for you because you get 1:1 time with a pro coach with business experience, awesome coaching skills and deep empathy.  That translates to the 'just in time' help you need with the frequency you need on the topics coming at you on the regular. 

The mix of CARMA* you get can only help you thrive all while aligning with your values and how you want to lead yourself and others 

You don't need more impersonal training - just someone to guide you on how a few tweaks can make big changes!

*Carma-commitment, accountability, reason/purpose, mindset, action

I've never concerned myself with wins or losses - it's all about people becoming the best versions of themselves at life and work

Ted Lasso

Do you want help now?

Are you committed to making a change?

Want to get started right away? Book 30 minutes with Christi to get that kick in the tail you need and get an action plan that's specific for you and your next steps!

I want the details!

Want to go for it?

Tired of more thinking and less doing?  Makes sense!  Stop considering your options and get to work making the next right steps now!

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